Frequently asked questions

Online training sessions and  experiences beyond the gym to include lifestyle, nutrition, and general wellness coaching with a personal trainer. With a mobile app, you are guided through your in-person sessions with a personal trainer, and your progress is tracked digitally. Between sessions, you can stay connected to your trainer through in-app messaging and live conferencing and continue to follow your program independently for a hybrid approach to training.

As much as possible, we try to support the most popular browsers and handsets. Unfortunately, as there are so many combinations of handsets, devices, and OS, we are unable to support all of them. Here is our recommended list. 

On the web app

We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser on a desktop or laptop when accessing the app and creating programming. Fit World is optimized for this browser. You can download it for free here.

On mobile devices

FitWorld is designed for optimal performance with the latest version of iOS and Android operating systems. We will formally support up to 2 versions back from the latest Operating System.

As of today:

iPhones require iOS 12.0 and above.

iPads require iPadOS 12.0 and above.

Android devices require Android 6.0 and above

Apple Watch requires Watch OS 6.1 +

You can retrieve your password by going to your FitWorld login page ( and clicking on “Trouble signing in?” located in the bottom right corner of the login dialogue box. 

Then input the email address associated with your account and click “Find my account”. 

We’ll locate your account by using your email address and we’ll email you a reset password link.

When you are added to your FitWorld account an Invitation Email is sent with the following information:

  1. Instructions to setup their login password
  2. The FitWorld site address to sign into. This will be based off of the custom URL that you as the Owner/Trainer originally created ie.
  3. Links to download our app (iOS/Android)

To cancel your FitWorld subscription, click on the link, fill in the form and your account will be cancelled.